Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery, the second largest cemetery in the Nunda area, is also one of the oldest.  Established before 1840, the land served as the burial grounds for many pioneers who settled near the southern edge of Nunda as well as nearby Grove.  For most of the 19th century it was called “Snyder Cemetery” after Adam Snyder (1791-1874) who owned a large farm just east of the cemetery.  Snyder had been born in Rensselaer County, NY and had come to the French Hill area in the 1830s. The present name for the cemetery was first used in the 1890s, but became official with the organization of the Union Cemetery Association in October 1906. The Snyder name was still in common use through much of the 20th century.  Union Cemetery has been maintained by the Town of Nunda since 2011.

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Union Cemetery Rules and Regulations


Single Plots: $400.00
Double Plots: $800.00


Weekdays: $500.00
Saturdays: $725.00
Sundays/Holidays: $775.00

Cremation Open/Closing

Weekdays: $300.00
Saturdays: $550.00
Sundays/Holidays: $600.00

Cemetery Superintendent: (585) 314-7828