Youth Recreation Program

Summer Youth Recreation Program

Every summer, the Town & Village of Nunda & the Town of Portage provide funding for a Youth Recreation Program as a shared service to our communities.

Summer Youth Recreation is a six-week program that begins the first week of July.

The daily calendar can be found here.

The Village of Nunda is the Lead Agent of this program, and therefore administers the budget and coordination with the Summer Youth Recreation Program Director, John Gordinier.

For Summer Youth Recreation Program budget report information, please go to the Village of Nunda Website:

Listed below is the historical breakdown of each municipality’s fiscal responsibilities for the Summer Joint Youth Recreation Program.:

Village of Nunda
(41% Share)
Town of Nunda
(41% Share)
$7,149.18 $5,986.00 $6,929.00 $6,418.00
Town of Portage
(18% Share)

Swim sign-ups are held once (before summer rec begins) at the Government Center.

Check this page and the Mount Morris Shopper in June for the annually scheduled swim sign-up day.

  • 2019: June 19th @ 4:00 PM
  • If you missed swim sign-ups, e-mail Nunda Village Clerk, before the first weekend in July.

Applications to work at Summer Youth Recreation Program are available at the Nunda Village Clerk’s office all year round.  At any time, any person interested may obtain an application and return it to the Village office before the coming Summer Youth Recreation season begins.

  • Please note that there are cut off dates of accepting applications once the Program is near it’s start date. We encourage applications to be submitted before May 31st .

The Nunda Government Center/ Village Office is located at 4 Massachusetts Street, Nunda.