Planning Board

The Planning Board is a seven member board divided into Town and Village appointed seats.

The Planning board became joint board in 1993 as listed in our local law index2-1993, Creation of Joint Planning Board for Village & Town and further amended in 2011 in local law1-2011, Amending Local Law No. 1 & 2 of 1993.

Town Members

Alex Pierce (Chairman)
Joe Tamimie
Michele Seifried
Monica Morris

Village Appointed Members

Joan Schumaker
Joe Lindstrom
Brenda Weaver

Nunda residents are encouraged to join the planning board on the comprehensive plan update, please join us at our meetings!

The Joint Planning Board annually elect a chairman from its members and the chairman prescribe rules for its conduct.

The Nunda Village and Town Board shall annually appoint the secretary who shall not be a member of the board but compensated at a rate set by said Boards.

Four (4) Hours of training is required annually of all Planning Board Members.

The Town Board of the Town of Nunda shall have the power to remove members appointed by the Town of Nunda, subject to the provisions of 271 of the Town Law of the State of New York.

2024 Scheduled Planning Board Meetings

January 3
February 6
March 5
April 2
May 7
June 4
July 2
August 6
September 3
October 1
November 5
December 3

Meetings shall be held at the Government Center at 6:30 PM on the first Tuesday of each month unless noted otherwise.