Hunting & Fishing Licenses

New York State Conservation Licenses may be obtained at the Nunda Town Clerk's Office during normal business hours. The official Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Guide to Laws and Regulations is available at the Nunda Town Clerk’s Office or by visiting the NYSDEC's website.


Fishing licenses are required for persons 16 years of age and older. A driver's license or driver's permit are eligible forms of identification.

Type Resident Fee Non-Resident Fee
Annual  $25.00 (ages 16-69)
 $5.00 (ages 70+)
7 Day License  $12.00 $28.00 
1 Day License  $5.00 $10.00 


Hunters should bring their driver's license and either an old hunting license or a hunter education certificate when applying. Old back tags are not valid proof of eligibility. Fees vary according to residency and license type:

Annual Small & Big Game Resident Fee Non-Resident Fee
   $22.00 (ages 16-69)
 $5.00 (ages 70+ & 12-15)
 $100.00 (ages 16+)
 $5.00 (ages 12-15)
Additional Annual Hunting Resident Fee Non-Resident Fee
 Bowhunting Privilege  $15.00 (ages 16-69)
 No Fee (ages 70+)
 $4.00 (ages 12-15)
 $30.00 (ages 16+)
 $4.00 (ages 12-15)
 Muzzleloading Privilege  $15.00 (ages 14-69)
 No Fee (ages 70+)
 $30.00 (ages 14+)
 Turkey Permit  $10.00 (ages 12+)  $20.00 (ages 12+)
 Harvest Information Program  No Fee (ages 12+)  No Fee (ages 12+)
 Federal Duck Stamp  $25.00 (ages 16+)  $25.00 (ages 16+)
 Deer Management Permit  $10.00 (ages 16+)
 No Fee (ages 12-15)
 No Fee for holders of lifetime sportsman licenses purchased prior to 10/01/2009
 Permits for Hunter's with Disability  No Fee
Using specialized equipment to aid in discharging a bow, or to discharge a firearm from a motorized vehicle

Please Note: The NYSDEC has changed its software vendor to Accela and no longer offers the Super Sportsman packages.

Additional information regarding Deer Management Permits: If you are a Land owner of 50+ acres, please bring Tax Bill(s) receipt(s) to Town Clerk’s Office for Tax Map Number(s) to apply for your preference point(s). If you earned a preference point as a land owner you have to apply to the area where your land acreage is, not where your home is located. Example: If you have 50+ acres in Geneseo, NY, but live in Nunda, NY, your DMPs have to be applied for 8H (Geneseo Area) not 8M (Nunda Area).


Annual trapping licenses are from September 1 - August 31

Resident Fee Non-Resident Fee
 $20.00 (ages 16-69)
 $5.00 (ages 70+ & 12-15)
 $275.00 (ages 16+)
 $5.00 (ages 12-15)