Highway Department

The Town Highway Department presently consists of four people on a full-time basis in addition to the Superintendent of Highways. Also, there are part-time employees in the summer.

The Highway Superintendent is an elected position and serves a two-year term. The Highway Department is responsible for maintaining roads owned by the Town of Nunda; as well as Livingston County roads and New York State roads under winter snow removal agreement.

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Contact Information

Highway Superintendent: Tim Cassidy
(585) 314-7828 cell

Mailing Address

PO Box 699
1955 Hay Road
Nunda, NY 14517

Nunda Highway Superintendent Historical Index

  • Current Tim Cassidy
  • 2023– 2007 Rick Moran
  • 2007-2004 John Bennett
  • 2003-1978 Charles Carlson
  • 1977- 1966 Oliver Cromwell
  • 1965 – 1958 James Long
  • 1957 Adelbert Tallman
  • 1957-1950 Oliver Cromwell
  • 1949-1938 Walter L. Kelly
  • 1937- 1920 Jefferson W. Fox