Local Law Index


Local Law No. Title of Law
2-2018* A Local Law to Override the Real Property Tax Cap Levy Established by General Municipal Law Section 3-c.
1-2018* A Local Law to Allow Cold War Veterans A Limited Town Tax Exemption Pursuant to Section 458-B of the Real Property Tax Law.
3-2016* Joint Additions to “Town and Village Zoning Law” repealing Local Law No. 1 of 2005
2-2016* Defense and Indemnification of Town Officers and Employees within the Town of Nunda, County of Livingston, State of New York
1-2016* Amend Local Law No. 2 of the year 2010
1-2015 Tax Cap Local Override Law
1-2013* Providing tax exemption to encourage investment in improvement in commercial or real properties
2-2012* Moratorium on Natural Gas of Petroleum Extraction
1-2012* Restricted Parking in the Hamlet of Dalton
2-2011 A local law to replace Articles I and II of Ch. 83, Animals, of the Code of the Town of Nunda, in order to implement a dog control and licensing program
1-2011* Amending Local Law No. 1 & 2 of 1993
2-2008* Administration and Enforcement of New York State Uniform Fire Prevention & Building Code in Town of Nunda
1-2008 Providing Cold War Veteran’s Exemption
1-2007* Providing for an Increase in Veteran’s Exemption
1-2006* Amend Town Zoning Map of the Zoning Map of the Zoning Law of Town & Village of Nunda to Expand the boundary of the Mixed Use (MU) District (Resolution)
1-2005* Enacting the “Town and Village of Nunda Zoning Law”
1-2000 Amend Local Law No. 1 of 1998
1-1999 Amend Local Law No. 1 of 1998
2-1998 Increasing maximum allowable Veterans Exemption under Section 458-a of the Real Property Tax Law
1-1998 Providing a partial Exemption from real property taxes to persons with disabilities who have limited income
2-1995* Amend Local Law No. 1 of 1995
1-1995 Participation of Coordinated Assessment with Portage, Ossian, Sparta, Mt. Morris & Groveland
2-1993 Creation of Joint Planning Board for Village & Town
1-1993 Creation of Joint Zoning Board of Appeals for Village & Town
4-1992* Source separation & recycling
3-1992* Amending Local Law No. 1 of 1992
2-1992* Change day for hearing complaints for Assessment
1-1992 Bed & Breakfast Permit
1-1991* Ethical conduct of Officers & Employees of the Town of Nunda
2-1990* Outdoor storage in Town
1-1990* Dumping on or along Town Highways
1-1988* Village termination status as assessing unit
2-1987* Flood Damage Protection
1-1987 Change of day hearing complaints for assessment
3-1986 Administration & Enforcement of NYS Fire Prevention & Building Code
2-186 Repealing Local Law No. 2 of 1983
1-1986 Change day for hearing complaints for assessment
1-1984 Abolish Joint Village & Town Police Department
(Did not pass at general election of 11/06/1984)
3-1983 Change to a Single Appointed Assessor
(Passed at general election of 11/08/1983)
2-1983 Non-enforcement of the State Uniform Fire Prevention & Building Code
1-1983 Flood Damage Protection
2-1981 Change Term of Highway Superintendent to 4-year
(Did not pass at general election of 11/03/1981)
2-1981* Special Police Officers
1-1981 Tax Abatement of New Business Facilities
1-1980 Veterans Exemption
2-1979 Increasing Dog Licensing Fee
1-1979* Buried Utility Lines within the right of way of Town Highways
2-1977* Written Notice of Highway and sidewalk defect/obstructions
1-1977* Environmental Quality Review
1-1976* Regulating and Licensing outdoor public entertainment in excess of 500 persons
1-1974 Change to Single Appointed Assessor
(Did not pass general election of 11/5/1974)
1-1970 Assessor for Town to be Elected